Scenery for the Soul in Ravello

Ravello, a UNESCO world heritage site, is the most beautiful place you’ve never heard of. I’ve been to some breath-taking places, but Ravello is beyond spectacular. This hidden gem is a must-see, and its stunning scenery will leave you overcome. This post requires few words, because the photos say it all.

We were welcomed into Ravello by a parade of old-fashioned, luxury vehicles, whose drivers honked and waved at us as they passed. We assumed there had been some sort of car show that morning that was wrapping up as we arrived. This unique entrance foreshadowed a particularly special day.

We went for lunch at a hotel called Villa Amore. Tucked away in a stone alleyway, we didn’t know the amazing view that awaited us until we arrived. And then, there it was:

The lunch of a lifetime. This is the view from the “Terrazza sul Mare” (Terrace on the Sea) at the Albergo Villa Amore. One of the girls in our group actually cried because she was overwhelmed by how beautiful it was.

Later in the afternoon, we visited Villa Cimbrone, which offered more exceptional views:

Entrance to the hotel (“albergo”) at Villa Cimbrone.
View from Villa Cimbrone
Crystal clear waters below the Terrace of Infinity

Eighteenth century marble busts at the Terrace of Infinity.

Views from Piazza Centrale
Beauty in the small things

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  1. Hi Hattie!
    I just want to let you know that I think your travel blog is awesome!
    So interesting. So well written. I felt like I was right next to you, enjoying your adventure.
    Thank you so much for sharing your trip to Italy.
    I do read something called “Bloglovin’’“, and often there are write ups of people’s travel experiences. Yours is amazingly better than those I have read so far. Kudos!
    I hope you keep travelling, and blogging, so that I can come along with you.
    Cheers! Irene Hynes

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