Lawyers Can Be Saints! Miracles in Furore

During our time on the Amalfi coast, our home base was at Agriturismo Sant’Alfonso, located in the small town of Furore. I will dedicate another article to this wonderful, family-run farmhouse, but its namesake deserves his own post.

A former monastery, the property still has a small chapel built in the 1800s. The chapel is open to the public, whether or not you are staying at the Agriturismo, and sits on an idyllic hillside below the Path of the Gods.¬†The chapel is dedicated to Saint Alfonso, who it turns out, was also….a lawyer. Bring on the lawyer jokes!

This beautiful chapel was recently refurbished on the inside thanks to the connections of a nun in the family. Within the chapel, there is a statue of Saint Alfonso, as well as paintings depicting his life story.

The only lawyer you will ever see with a halo

There’s an important caveat here. Saint Alfonso only became a saint¬†after leaving legal practice. In fact, his decision to leave practice was said to be divine intervention.

Born into a wealthy Neapolitan family in 1696, Alfonso became a lawyer at age 16 (in the days before degree inflation). He practised law for 8 years.

After losing a big case, he apparently stated, “World, I know you now. Courts, you shall never see me more.” And then he peaced out and became a priest.

So lawyer friends, if you’re thinking about a career change, better start praying to Saint Alfonso.

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