Italian Hallowe’en Decor: Witch Dolls to Haunt Your Dreams

On our last night in Rome, Steph and I went to a restaurant in the Trastevere neighbourhood. While I was downing a basket of bread, Steph left in search of the bathroom downstairs. She returned with a cryptic smile, “You should check out the bathrooms.” She wouldn’t give me any clues about why, and I completely forgot about her suggestion while I ate my way through a delicious bowl of pasta.  But eventually nature called, and I made my way to the basement stairs. I was not expecting what came next.

I burst into laughter when I turned the corner and began walking downstairs. I knew exactly why Steph hadn’t spoiled the surprise. This was the CREEPIEST BASEMENT IN ALL OF ROME. Lining the walls were dozens of super weird witch dolls.

Which witch doll is the scariest? Answer: ALL OF THEM.

Ok, this witch doll is kind of cute. But those hands…
This witch doll is absolutely terrifying. No redeeming qualities here.
Where did they even find these dolls?!

Note the miniature rat.
I love the juxtaposition of the dolls and the artwork on the wall.

Needless to say, while Hallowe’en may not be as big in Italy as it is in North America, you can still find some pretty spooky displays if you visit in October.

You can also find Hallowe’en themed gelato (which is only scary to your waistline):



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